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A minimum of 2 points must be achieved in MR category - LEED for Homes

MR-1 Material Efficient Framing-Maximum 5 points -Optimize framing materials

          1.1- Prerequisite - Framing Order Waste Factor Limit - 10% or less
                  Waste Factor- % Framing material ordered in excess of estimated.
          1.2- Detailed Framing Documents (1 point)
                   Indicates specific locations, spacing, sizes of all framing.
          1.3- Detailed Cut List and Lumber Order (1 point)  1.2 prerequisite
                   Must directly correspond to framing documents.
           1.4- Framing Efficiencies (maximum 3 points)
           1.5-Off-Site Fabrication (4 points)
    • Panelized- components delivered preframed
    • Modular, Prefabricated construction delivered
                    Modular Homes

MR-2 Environmentally Preferable Products - Maximum 8 points -Increase  
          demand for regional products.

           2.1- FSC-Certified Tropical Wood - 2 prerequisites
                   (Wood grown between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn) 

                a. Provide notice to suppliers :
                     prefer tropical FSC Certified wood
                     request name of country manufacturing wood
                     request vendor list of FSC Certified wood
                     FSC-certified Suppliers

           2.2 -Environmentally Preferable Products (0.5 point each, maximum 8
                a.  Environmentally preferable products with certain specs                                        (0.5 point per component)

                b. Low emissions (0.5 point per component)

Local production  (0.5 point per component)

MR-3 Waste Management - Maximum 3 points - Reduce waste generation
          below industry norm

   3.1 Construction Wast Management Planning - Prerequisites
           a. Investigate and document local options for diversion ( e.g recycling,
           reuse) of all project waste.
           Cardboard Packaging Council
           Construction Materials Recycling Association
           b.  Document diversion rate for construction waste.

   3.2 Construction Waste Reduction (maximum 3 points)
           Reduce or divert waste generated from new construction below norms
           Use either two options:
            a. Reduce construction waste
            b. Increase waste diversion. Divert =/>25% from landfills/incinerators
            NAHB Research Center          

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